Lost Boys is the brainchild of two brothers, hailing from Hillsborough, North Carolina.  Professionally trained culinary chef, Lee, and brother Dustin have developed a menu packed with vibrant, global flavors.  The food truck offers street food roaming from Colombia to Asia, Portugal to India, and beyond.  The brothers bring their southern hearts into their cooking, sourcing local, North Carolina ingredients whenever possible.  

A lively, wandering palate.  Taste and see; never, never bland.

Where's the truck?


the team


lee pollard

owner, chef, grand master of flavor

dustin pollard

owner, chef, excellent flavor connoisseur, fixer of anything that breaks


anna eaves

marketing gal, scheduling/booking maestro, social media queen


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4/1 *BRUNCH* Johnny's Gone Fishing (Carrboro) 10a-3p

4/1 Grand Re-Opening at Honeysuckle Tea House (Chapel Hill) 4-8p

4/5 Qualcomm (Raleigh) 11:30a-1:30p

4/5 Carrboro Farmer's Market (Carrboro) 6-9p

4/6 AICPA (Durham) 11:30a-1:30p

4/7 Johnny's Gone Fishing (Carrboro) 12-7p

4/8 *BRUNCH* Johnny's Gone Fishing (Carrboro) 10a-3p

4/9 The Bazaar (Carrboro) 12-5p

4/12 Qualcomm (Raleigh) 11:30-1:30p

4/13 Johnny's Gone Fishing (Carrboro) 4-8p

4/14 Johnny's Gone Fishing (Carrboro) 12-7p

4/15 *BRUNCH* Johnny's Gone Fishing  (Carroboro) 10-3p

4/19 Qualcomm (Raleigh) 11:30-1:30p

4/19 Carrboro Farmer's Market (Carrboro) 6-9p

4/20 Johnny's Gone Fishing (Carrboro) 4-8p

4/21 Johnny's Gone Fishing (Carrboro) 12-7p

4/22 *BRUNCH* Johnny's Gone Fishing (Carrboro) 10-3p

4/27 Cultural Explosion (Hillsborough) 5:30p-7:30p




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